About MetaLaw

MetaLaw is a project by Legal Education Advancement and Development – LEAD Tunisia, a Tunisian non-governmental organization registered since November 2013.

Through MetaLaw, we aim to provide law students, young legal professionals and the wider legal community with a platform to share their opinions and insights about legal affairs.

MetaLaw is an opportunity for LEAD to attain several important goals:

-Prepare  law students to the professional world through practical training;

-Raise students’ awareness of the importance of being published, particularly in English language;

-Develop students’ critical thinking and encourage them to publish their thoughts;

-Contribute to ameliorating journalistic coverage of legal issues by providing expert input.

In the long run, MetaLaw aims to become the most prominent English-speaking, online legal journal in Tunisia creating room for interactive monitoring of the legal developments.
MetaLaw aspires to be a forum for debate and discussion. Yet, articles published by contributors do not necessarily represent LEAD Tunisia’s views nor the views of its members.